What is Amberjack Rewards?

It's a simple rewards system where you can earn rewards for shopping, there's no tiers and no complex points system. Every purchase amount of $50 is eligible for rewards, $5 for every $50 spent. That's 10% back in rewards to go towards your next purchase! So spend $50, earn $50. Spend $100, earn $10. Spend $150, earn $15.

How do you join?

Easy. Just signup for an account. Anytime you purchase, make sure you login first, so your rewards can be added to your account for next time.

How do you redeem rewards?

Login to your account. On the right hand side of your accounts page under 'addresses' on desktop, or at the base of the account page on mobile, you'll see a STORE CREDIT button. Click that to see a popup window containing your rewards balance and code. Use this code during checkout to redeem the reward.

Do they expire?

Yes - but you'll have 3 months from the original purchase date to use them first.

Didn't receive a reward?

If you weren't logged in when purchasing, we won't know who to give the reward to. You must also be logged in, to see your rewards balance. The purchase must be a minimum of $50. Rewards are only earned against each $50 - so if you spend $55 you'll get the reward against that first $50. If the reward has expired, you won't see it in your account. If you can't see a reward when you think you should have one, reach out to hello@amberjack.co.nz and we'll take a look!